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Five Key Behaviors of Leadership in Hospitality or Any Industry

March 19, 2024

Integrity, Trust, Relatability, Empathy and Humility Matter Now More Than Ever

SPIRE Hospitality CEO Chris Russell shares five critical behaviors of leadership in hospitality or any industry in his latest article for Hotel News Now:

“Strong leadership is a critical component of a successful business environment. Leaders are responsible for cutting through external noise, centering an organization’s focus and setting an example for their teams. They are steadfast and reliable, serving a North Star that helps a company navigate these uncertain times.

Now more than ever, leaders are also responsible for their organization’s culture. A healthy company culture is not a list of rules or a motto printed on a poster. It’s demonstrable. It’s how a company’s employees approach their work and treat each other. And, importantly, it is modeled by a company’s leaders so that it permeates the organization and is perpetuated by every member of its team.”

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