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6 U.S. Road Trips to Take This Winter

December 9, 2020

A dusting of powdery, white snow is beginning to fall across the country, but that doesn’t have to mean your road tripping days are over. With a little extra research and creativity, winter can be a fantastic season to go for a drive, whether that’s a sunny desert escape or a slope-searching tour du ski. We’ve compiled a list of our winter-specific favorites, with a little something for everyone—from active travelers to fine dining gourmands to national park collectors. They’re all across the country, too, so wherever you are, a great winter road trip route isn’t far.

As always during the pandemic, locations mentioned are subject to alter their hours and operations at any time, so check with any restaurants and attractions before hitting the road. Likewise, it’s a good idea to read up on state travel restrictions prior to commencing a trip. Read on for six of our favorite winter road trips, from Tennessee to Washington.

Vermont to Maine

Frigid New England might not be the first place that comes to mind when brainstorming a winter road trip, but take one look at Vermont’s storybook villages like Weston, Wilmington, and Stowe, and we bet you’ll change your tune. Tack on a trip to Acadia National Park, by way of lobster-rich Portland, Maine, and experience the ragged Atlantic coastline free of summer crowds.

Where to stop: Have an Instagram moment at frozen Moss Glen Falls, then cruise along Vermont’s scenic Route 100, stopping for the infamous Vermont Country Store in Weston and a quaint horse-drawn carriage ride. Savor a scoop at the Ben & Jerry’s Factory in Waterbury and round out the trip with a drive along the plowed portion of Ocean Drive in Acadia.

Where to eat: Havana, in Bar Harbor, Maine, is just minutes from Acadia, serves a mean seafood paella, and boasts a noteworthy wine list. Reservations are recommended.

Where to stay: Nestled between Stowe Village and the slopes lies Topnotch Resort, an upscale haven with dining and soothing post-slope spa treatments.

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